Workshops for Preschool Distance Learning

Coaching Conversations with Families


The conversations we are having with families now may be different from what we are used to and need a different approach. Learn about active listening and powerful questions as a means of reaching out to and helping families.  Learn and then interact in small group Zoom breakout rooms.

Embedding Skills in Families Everyday Routines


Families are struggling with juggling multiple roles, multiple children and more.  During this participatory workshop, consider the skills families can embed in their everyday routines and work with colleagues in Zoom breakout rooms to brainstorm ideas for your communication with families.

Supporting Social-Emotional and Behavior Skills from a Distance

Teaching self-regulation, validating emotions and supporting appropriate reactions is a priority in preschool classrooms. The children still need us to support that development. How can we include social-emotional skill building in our distance learning interactions with children? Learn about how can we support this important domain, even from a distance.

Talking with Children about COVID-19


 Like ours, children's lives have been drastically changed by COVID-19. They may have questions or we may see them trying to process what is happening through play and art. Review developmentally appropriate ways to speak with young children about the COVID-19 situation.

Other Topics Include:

  • How Do We Head Toward Ending the School Year?

  • Trauma-Informed Distance Learning

  • Differentiating Distance Learning