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Family Parterships and Education

Coaching Conversations with Families


The conversations we are having with families now may be different from what we are used to and need a different approach. Learn about active listening and powerful questions as a means of reaching out to and helping families.  This session is intended for early childhood professionals. 

Embedding Skills in Families Everyday Routines

Families are struggling with juggling multiple roles, multiple children and more.  During this participatory workshop, families can consider the skills they can embed in their everyday routines.

Your Child’s Preschool Day:  Meaningful Experiences for a Strong Foundation

We know a great deal more today than we did in the past about the type of experiences young children need to develop skills that will provide a strong foundation for their future. Families can join this session to learn how professionals in high-quality settings facilitate meaningful learning each day.  

Teaching Children About Rules

 In order for young children to learn about boundaries and rules, they need to understand why, what, and how to behave in different settings.  Families will learn about the essential rules for early learners and how to communicate them. They will learn strategies for talking about rules in a strength-based way that teaches children what rules mean, why rules are important and how very capable they are as social-emotional learners.

Contact me for other topics and to design a session especially for your community.

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